Environmental action by a concerned citizen !

Working Vanguard visualization - This is .SKP to .KMZ then up to Cesium Ion tile set  (this entire .KMZ is only 1.2 MB in file size)
  • Models are all by Julian Pearson in Sketchup for environmental impact display to his community.
  • Upload to Cesium and display via Cesium web viewer by Kent Morrison.
Modeling and display technologies include:
  • - 2.5D towers via transparent PNG (for reduced vertices and faster rendering)
  • - Buildings and ephemera as components to reduce overall file size
  • - Use of Cesium web based viewer for better access by all parties concerned
  • - Terrain viz provided by Cesium native terrain tileset.
READ the story of this Sketchup project by Julian Pearson here:  (LINK to Trimble Blog story HERE)

TRY Trimble Sketchup FOR FREE ! - Sketchup is available HERE
Cesium JS is Open Source free software ! - Cesium JS is HERE
Cesium Ion is basd upon Open Source, and their services are free for a limited amount of drive space used. Cesium Ion is HERE

Hello World!